Difference between Highland Collection Agency and Diversified Credit Services. . .
Difference between Highland Collection Agency and Diversified Credit Services, HCA, DCS, accounts that a business can not collect, customer’s ability to pay according to terms

Highland Collection Agency pursues accounts that a business can not collect. Once a business deems that the account is uncollectible, they seek outside assistance to help them retrieve their money. We consider this collection of a bad debt. Most businesses will write off the account and place with a collection agency. Usually that means they will never do business with that company again.


Diversified Credit Services, Inc. is an outsourcing company providing accounts receivable services for businesses in the collection of the accounts receivable, invoicing/billing, cash application and credit verification/approval. Companies can choose which areas they need assistance.

Collection of the accounts receivable is managing your customers so they pay within your payment terms. Once a customer is beyond your terms, contact is made by a collector either by telephone or email to collect the past due amount. The collector will monitor the account and make sure the customer keeps their commitment to pay. This involves monitoring the accounts receivable and contacting accounts that are beyond terms through the course of the month.

Invoicing/billing customers timely and accurately is extremely important. Clients invoice daily, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, fiscal monthly and calendar monthly. The billing specialist will process/create invoices as required by the client.

Cash application is the posting of payments in a client’s database. Payment can be made by check, credit card, EFT or wire. Many businesses obtain payments on-line with their bank. The cash application specialist will post payments daily in a clients system or based on their requirements.

Credit verification/approval is reviewing a potential or existing customer’s ability to pay according to your terms. Upon receipt of a credit application, the credit specialist will contact bank and trade references. With review of this information, our credit specialist can provide a recommended credit limit. Some businesses belong to a credit organization such as Dun and Bradstreet or Equifax. The credit specialist will run a report and provide a recommended credit limit based on the information received.

Highland Collection Agency is a division of Diversified Credit Services, Inc. It is the collection agency arm of our company.

In summary, if you have accounts that you have exhausted your efforts in house, then you need Highland Collection Agency.