About Highland Collection Agency
About HCA, Highland Collection Agency, Diversified Credit Services, third party collection agency

Highland Collection Agency (HCA) was established in 1991. We provide third party collection agency services to business clients of all sizes. As a wholly-owned and operated division of Diversified Credit Services, Inc., Highland Collection Agency offers services worldwide for business-to-business collections. HCA can serve as an extension to your business’s accounts receivable department. By offering third party collection services, Highland Collection Agency collects payment from businesses that are delinquent on their accounts. We are here to help organizations recover those accounts in a timely manner. Highland Collection Agency’s goal is to save your company time and money by improving cash flow for your business.


Our Highland Collection Agency division of Diversified Credit Services is focused solely on Third-Party Business-to-Business collections. Also referred to as B2B collection, business-to-business collection involves contacting past due or nonpaying businesses. Our experts have specialized in the credit and collection field for more than 30 years. When your customer’s account arrives at Highland Collection Agency, they know you’re not giving up on the debt. With HCA your customers will know that you are taking it to the next level and that you mean business!


Features of Highland Collection Agency:

  • Ability to accept all industries and sizes of business-to-business accounts
  • No minimum required
  • Professional, persistent, and personal collection representation
  • Extensive experience in many industries
  • Adaptation to a diverse client base
  • Each account is handled exclusively and confidentially
  • “NO COLLECTION = NO FEE” policy
  • World-wide clients

The rate is determined by the total amount of your initial placement. Please see our fee schedule below:

$0 - 500 35%
$501 - 2,000 25%
$2,001 - $25,000 20%
$25,001+ call us for a quote
Outside U.S. and Canada  35%
Litigation 35 - 50% - call us for a quote
(additional filing fees may apply)

For placements greater than $25,000, please call us at (888) 893-8988.
If we do not collect your receivables, there is no fee involved.